We are now gathering in-person with some increased safety provisions. The two most notable of these are the wearing of facial coverings and socially distanced seating. Our worship center has been arranged into rows of chairs 6 feet apart with signs urging attendees to leave 3 seats between households. This setup reduces our in-person capacity, but we have a video feed to other areas in the church including the coffee area, fellowship hall, and classrooms in the event that overflow is needed.

Our Children’s Church offerings have also resumed (still no nursery). See below for parent info on safety precautions.

Please join us and help us keep one another safe by practicing healthy hygiene, wearing facial coverings when appropriate, practicing social distancing, and either returning home or finding another safe location in the facility for worship in the event no more socially-distanced seating is available in the worship center upon arrival.

Now, if you are 1) feeling or displaying any symptoms of sickness, 2) at risk, 3) caring for others at risk, or 4) unwilling to abide by our heightened safety measures, we encourage you to stay away and tune in online. We will still be offering a live stream of our worship services for the foreseeable future. Our live stream is available on our Facebook Page or our YouTube channel. We also are providing options for at-home Children’s Church to parents, and “in person” Children’s Church will resume August 9th. If you haven’t received this information for at-home Children’s Church, but would like to, please contact the church office at 336-427-6264. Parents can read our Covid 19 parent information.

When you arrive at New Vision, expect the following adaptations from our “norm:”

  • Everyone should wear facial coverings 1) as you enter and exit the facilities, 2) any time you are traveling beyond socially distanced seating, and 3) when singing (with exception of the praise team).
  • Enter and exit through the doors to your right in each instance and respect others by not crowding.
  • No handshakes, hugs, or high fives, please – consider a wave or a foot tap instead.
  • Sit with individuals from your household (whether that’s 1 or 10 people) and leave 3 seats between you and other households.
  • Nursery-aged children will come into the service with their families during worship, and other children are welcome as well. Are you worried your children may grow unruly or aren’t ready for a large gathering? Don’t be! We know these are unique times, and we consider those cries and “why”s from your kids to be blessed sounds of a future for the Lord’s church. Also, we’re offering our fellowship hall as a “training center” with family-sized clusters of chairs if you feel the need to find a place where your little ones can let loose.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands as you enter and before you leave the church.
  • We will not have any coffee service or community breakfasts for now.
  • We will not “pass the plate” for offering, though a locked box for giving is available in the lobby. You can also give online or mail a check to the church.
  • Please, please, please – STAY AWAY if you are sick.

Some adult classes and small groups have resumed meeting at the church. Check with your group’s leaders to find out more about specific plans for your group.

Lord willing, we look forward to seeing you in person!


The following are guidelines that The Wheel Children’s Ministry of New Vision Fellowship has adopted to try to provide an environment, during this COVID 19 pandemic, that is as safe as possible for the children, volunteers, families and the community at large. By bringing your child to class you are acknowledging your acceptance of any possible risk. These guidelines were developed based upon the latest guidance from the CDC on both houses of worship and childcare facilities.

  1. Please check your child for fever or signs of illness prior to bringing them to church. The following are signs/symptoms for which to keep your child at home: congestion/runny nose (new onset), cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, fever/chills, headache, muscle pain/body aches, fatigue, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea. Please accompany your child to their meeting area and verify with the teacher that your child has not experienced any symptoms of illness and they do not have a fever.
  2. Children should sanitize or wash their hands upon entering/exiting the children’s area and as needed during time inside.
  3. We will take attendance each week. This is for in the event someone gets sick within a few days of being in class that we can notify those exposed. Please notify your child’s teacher or the church if your child does become sick with COVID 19 symptoms within 3 days of attending class.
  4. When inside and within 6 feet of each other (pretty much all the time with the children) volunteers will wear a mask and we will request and encourage the children to do so. We can at least try, they might surprise us 😊. So please send a mask (labeled) with your child and instruct them that they need to comply with wearing it if requested by the teachers. There are some child sized masks available at the church if your child does not have one or forgets it.
  5. We will try to spend as much time as possible outside and plan for low contact, spaced apart activities and games, however part of the session may be inside. They will not be asked to wear a mask outside. Please send a water bottle or other hydration beverage for your child, labeled with their name as they tend to get thirsty playing outside.
  6. There will be a max number of children per room based upon the square footage. If the number of children exceeds this we will need to relocate to a larger room.
  7. Be aware that there could be last minute cancellations of class if a teacher/volunteer develops symptoms of illness and a substitute cannot be located, so please make sure that your contact information is up to date with the teacher.