Here are a few ideas on how you can love your neighbors and do the business of Christ in an era of pandemic isolation.

  1. – This site offers the Christ follower tools to help you know your neighbors by name so that you can build relationships with them and invest yourself in praying for, caring for, sharing the gospel with, and discipling them.
  2. – This community-based website offers you an opportunity to connect with others in your neighborhood, learning about needs, coordinating events, and more. You could join and invite your neighbors to do the same, or you might consider setting up a group in Facebook to offer your neighbors to so that you can care for one another.
  3. NC Baptists on Mission Coronavirus page – an excellent list of ideas for churches and Christians on how to respond to COVID-19, tips on how to protect yourself, and more.
  4. Contactless Contact Cards – see the document below for an example of how to love your neighbors without endangering their health. These can be printed out, filled in with your information, and taped to a neighbor’s mailbox or to his or her storm door. Download here.
Contactless Contact Card


Love one another well during these challenging times!